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A professional manufacturer of electronic packaging and bonding material
Electronic appliances general industrial useRTVRubber
Construction and industrial silicone rubber

    Mianyang whaley electronic material co., LTD. Huili group sino-foreign joint ventures,The specialty is engaged in the high voltage electronic components、Integrated circuit、LEDSuch as packaging material,LCDUse glue sealing sealing side,PDPUsing adhesives,Uv-curable coatings ink,Waterborne epoxy coatings,RTVSilicone rubber,Building silicone sealant technology research and product development manufacturing……
Industrial purification treatment experts,Clean production promotion vanguard
    Mianyang huili epoxy engineering co., LTD. Huili group sino-foreign joint ventures,Leading business epoxy floor coating、Special wear-resisting floor coating、Anti-static floor coating、Water-based paint、Embossed floor、Anti-corrosion insulation engineering, production and construction……
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Flat panel display chip protectionLow corrosion conformal coatingsAutomobile electronic potting heatThe content of low molecular organic silicone adhesiveAutomotive rectifier diode encapsulationLow ion content sealantThe connector silica gel sealLEDModule encapsulationHigh refractive index lamp holderPhotovoltaic module sealIGBTInsulation potting
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